About Us

We are nurses who love to teach.

Nurses with years of experience in various specialized and diverse settings.

Over ten years ago the aging population began to force significant changes to healthcare.

We recognized those changes forecast an increase in demand for highly qualified Health Care Assistants and established Pacific Coast Community College. That was 2004.


Since our start, we've trained Health Care Assistants we’d love to work with, and love to have care for a family member.

Our training is woven with relevant personal stories from our experiences. Stories that help you remember lessons in context, help your lessons come alive and make learning easier.

We respect your journey that's brought you to study with us. For each class, training is tailored to suit the cultural differences of members. Our lessons are inclusive of all types of learners --visual, auditory or kinesthetic.

Training is kept fresh with the latest industry jargon and best practices.

We keep class sizes small to help personalize instruction and make it fun.

Graduates from Pacific Coast Community College have consistently been awarded preferred access to coveted healthcare positions and job offers upon graduation.

Our grads have helped us earn our reputation which we are very proud to own: At Pacific Coast Community College you train with nurses for excellence to fit with collaborative healthcare teams.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our programs and Health Care Assistants, here.