Application Procedures


Local Students

1. Contact the School and Arrange Your Interview

An Admissions Adviser will be happy to speak with you and to arrange for a meeting at the school at the earliest opportunity. During the phone call, ensure that you are aware of the location of the school, the name of the admissions officer helping you, and the time and date of your appointment at the school, and whatever materials the officer recommends that you bring with you.

During this meeting you will learn about all of the funding options available to you, what you qualify for, and you will also be informed of requirements that must be met prior to beginning your studies. These include a Criminal Records Check, a series of Vaccination confirmations, and booster shots (these are required for work within this industry).


2. Registration Forms

During the Interview you will be guided through a pre-registration form that will allow your admissions adviser to help make the best assessment of your needs and requirements to commence your studies. This also includes a pre-screening for the possible funding options you may have available to you.

While in most cases applicants will complete this form together with a school adviser. However, if it is impossible to attend a meeting, you will be asked to complete this documentation and submit it to the school by email or to send it to the address below. In these situations, a funding officer will conduct an equivalent interview with you on the phone to help guide you through the same steps.


Registrar, Pacific Coast Community College

202-1338 West Broadway Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6H 1H2


3. Meet with our Funding Officer

Once the Interview is complete your information will be passed to our Funding Officer who, based on your profile will walk you through the funding options you may be eligible to receive, or help you through the process of direct tuition payment. Should you decide to enroll, he will help you process your initial payment or loan application and start the approval process immediately.


4. Letter of Confirmation and Tuition Statement

After Pacific Coast Community College receives your signed Registration form, we will send you a confirmation letter for your registration and the tuition statement. For self-paying applicants, the registration fee of $150 acts as confirmation of your enrollment and secures your seat. For students seeking Student Loan or other funding, the completion and submission of your student loans documentation acts as enrollment confirmation. Payment can be made by bank transfer, cash, cheque, VISA, or Master Card.

For students who are not able to visit the school prior to the start of their program, payment to secure their registration can be made by bank transfer, cheque, VISA, or Master Card. Once again, our admissions adviser will help you through this process in full.

* If payment is made by Bank Transfer, PLEASE ADD $20 BANK FEE

* Pacific Coast Community College is a division of BC Resident Care Aide Inc.


5. Letter of Acceptance

When Pacific Coast Community College receives your registration fee or once you have submitted your loan documents, your registration is confirmed. The balance of payment must be made by the first day of classes, or in the case of student loans, once your loan monies have been disbursed. Please speak with our funding officer about alternative payment arrangements.


International Students

1. Contact and Registration

Using the contact form, the online application form, or phone, contact Pacific Coast with your interest and with any questions you have about our school and programs. An admissions officer will be happy to help you with any preliminary questions, and will provide you with the information you need to take the next step.

If you would like to apply directly, complete [WE NEED A LINK HERE TO THE REGISTRATION FORM ON THE FORMS PAGE] and read through the Refund Policy contained within the document. If you are in agreement with the terms and conditions, sign and date on the bottom. If you are a student 18 years or younger, your parent or guardian must sign and date as well. Once we receive this document an admissions adviser will contact you directly and within 24 hours to provide you with whatever additional information you require. Send this document by email to, by fax to 1-604-738-7392, or by mail to: #202 - 1338 West Broadway Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6H 1H2.


2. If you are using an International Student Agent or Adviser

If you are applying as an International student from inside or outside Canada, and you are using the services of an International Student Agency or Adviser, let us know who's helping you! We will be happy to work with your agent to ensure that you receive the information you require to help you make your decision to join us at Pacific Coast. Typically, while there are requirements that you will need to take care of during the process of your admissions, your agent will work with you and with us to ensure that everything is taken care of quickly and correctly.


3. English Requirements and Assessments

  1. Applicants who have been educated in English Speaking Environment for a minimum of seven years or have been educated in an English-speaking environment for four consecutive years at the secondary or post-secondary level, are to submit evidence of one of the following:

  • Successful completion of Grade 10 English;

  • OR Language Proficiency Index (LPI) with a total score of at least 20 and an essay level of 4 with a score of 24/40.

  1. Applicants who have not been educated in an English Speaking Environment for a minimum of seven (7) years or four years at the secondary or post-secondary level, are to submit evidence of one of the following:

  • Canadian Language Benchmark Placement Test (CLB PT) -- test must be within the last six months: Listening 7, Speaking 7, Reading 6 and Writing 6.

  • OR Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) -- test must be within the last two years. IBT only: Overall score of 76 with no score lower than 20 in Speaking and Listening and no score lower than 18 in Reading and Writing.

  • OR International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic or General -- test must be within the last two years: Overall score of 6 with a minimum of 6 in Speaking and Listening and no score lower than 5.5 in Reading and Writing.

  • OR Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) Academic or General --  Aggregate score of 4L or better, with 4L or better in Speaking and Listening and 3H or better in Reading and Writing.

  • OR Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL) -- Overall Score of 60, with no section less than 50.


Accepted Countries List

Countries with English language systems / institutions

(Where English is a primary, official language and the language used for education)

American Samoa Dominica Mauritius Uganda
Anguilla Falkland Islands Montserrat United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)
Antigua Fiji New Zealand
Australia Ghana Seychelles United States of America (USA)
Bahamas Grenada Singapore US Virgin Islands
Barbados Guam South Africa
Belize Guyana St. Kitts and Nevis
Bermuda Irish Republic St. Lucia
British Virgin Islands Jamaica St. Vincent
Cayman Island Kenya Trinidad and Tobago
Canada* Malta Turks and Caico Islands

*Applicants educated in Quebec at an institution where the language of instruction was not English, must meet the current English language proficiency requirements.

[1] Weighted criteria to determine inclusion of a country on this list were:  use of English as by more than 50% of the population, country literacy rate as compared to world literacy rate, School Life Expectancy (SLE) rate as compared to the world SLE rate, schooling in languages other than English in primary grades, consistency of listing by Canadian post-secondary institutions and country recognition on the BC College of Physician & Surgeons List.

(Program admission requirements may not be waived by the student or the institution)


4. Pre-Requisites and Requirements

If you are processing your application from outside of Canada, there are a number of steps that you must take before you apply for your Study Permit. Since your studies at Pacific Coast Community College will involve skills training in the Health Care Industry, there are some specific requirements that Immigration Canada wants you to complete in order for you to qualify for your study permit. These include a medical examination and the proof of a series of vaccinations as well as a mandatory booster shot. You must ensure that these are complete and included together with your Letter of Acceptance (and other documentation) when you apply for your study permit.

Gaining employment within the Health Care Industry in Canada also requires you to have a clear criminal record. If you are worried about the possible results it is highly recommended that you take care of the Criminal Records Check in your home country. Otherwise, you know yourself best, and if you know that you have a clear record, then you may leave this until you are in Canada and we will process it for you quickly and efficiently.

Since it can take up to 8 weeks to receive your Study Permit, it is important to begin the process of medical examinations and vaccinations no later than 12 weeks before your chosen start date. Remember though, since Pacific Coast Community College begins a new program every 5-6 weeks, there is no cause to panic, and your agent and admissions adviser will make sure you take care of everything that is required.


5. Important Documents and the Study Permit Process

Once you have received all of the documents necessary to satisfy the admissions requirements, and once you have sent your application to Pacific Coast Community College, the next important steps will involve receiving a Letter of Offer from Pacific Coast, making your tuition payment, and receiving your Letter of Acceptance (LOA). Once you have the LOA you will be able to formally apply for your Study Permit at your nearest Canadian Consulate or Embassy. They will typically require the following documents: the Study Permit Application, a processing fee (inquire to determine how much this is), proof of funds to live for the months you will be in Canada (typically $1000 per month), a Letter of Acceptance from Pacific Coast Community College, your Tuition Statement from Pacific Coast Community College, proof of tuition payment and receipts, and your Medical Examination results. If there are any other additional requirements, your agent or admissions adviser will discuss them with you prior to submitting your Study Permit Application Package.


6. Letter of Confirmation, Tuition Statement, and Letter of Acceptance

After Pacific Coast receives your signed Registration form, we will send you a Letter of Offer and your Tuition Statement.  Once we receive the tuition payment as indicated on the Tuition Statement, we will issue the Letter of Acceptance that you need in order to apply for your Student Permit.


7. Tuition Payment

While Credit Cards are also accepted, payment via bank transfer is recommended. With a bank transfer there is an additional $20 bank fee.

* If payment is made by Bank Transfer, PLEASE ADD $20 BANK FEE

* Pacific Coast Community College is a division of BC Resident Care Aide Inc.


8. Letter of Acceptance

When Pacific Coast Community College receives your registration fee and tuition fees, we will issue a Receipt for Payment and a Letter of Acceptance. You will need to submit this Letter of Acceptance to a Canadian Embassy or Consulate Visa Office when you apply for a Study Permit.


9. Applying for a Study Permit

If you need to apply for a study permit, please contact the Canadian Embassy (Canadian Visa Office) nearest you and find out exactly what the local procedures are in your home country.


10. Your Flight Schedule

Please let us know about your flight schedule. The date and time of arrival, airline company and flight number.


12. Important Notes for International Students

When you apply online, please also fax any existing transcripts to 604-738-7392. Alternately, you may scan and email your additional documents directly to us at

For International students we accept registration 12 weeks in advance of the program start date (before the term starts). Remember that the program begins again once every 5-6 weeks, so you should never be in a rush to enroll. Give yourself the 12 weeks that you require, and we will ensure that your Letter of Acceptance reflects the most logical start date for you. The Canadian Visa Office requires applications for Student Permits to be submitted at least 6 weeks in advance. Also, because of the popularity of the program, early registration is recommended to secure your seat. If you act according to the timelines recommended within this set of instructions, you should have no problem beginning as a Pacific Coast Community College student on your desired start date.

For International Students, payment via bank transfer is recommended. This page explains the procedures and other information (i.e. our Bank account details) that you will require in order to pay your fees. With a bank transfer there is an additional $20 bank fee.

For international students we can only confirm a seat and issue a Letter of Acceptance when we receive registration plus a minimum tuition payment of 50% of the total program cost. The balance of the tuition will come due within 30 days of the start of the program. Depending on your country of origin and the Canadian Immigration protocols within that country, tuition may sometimes best be paid in full and satisfy one of the most important determining factors: intention to study.

We recommend that you provide the registration and 1st term payment at the same time to ensure that you have all of the proper documentation as early on as possible for your Study Permit application.

You should apply for your Permit at least 6 weeks prior to the start of your program to ensure that you allow for the processing time the Canadian Visa Section requires. If you are unsure of processing times in your country, contact the Visa Section before you begin the process, and/or ask your Agent for help in helping you plan a timeline for action that will be successful.