Frequently Asked Questions

Acute Care Aide Diploma and Health Care Assistant Certificate (International and Domestic Students)

What other school offers an Acute Care Aide Diploma with a registered Co-Op in BC?

None. Only Pacific Coast Community College offers this diploma.


Will I be able to find work when I graduate?

While we can’t guarantee employment our current statistics over the last 10 years have been between 96% and 99% of our students are employed as HCA. In general many of our students receive offers employment before they graduate.


Are your programs open to International students?

Both the Health Care Assistant Certificate (31 weeks) and the Acute Care Aide Diploma (64 weeks) are open to international students. These programs are excellent opportunities for employment and also provide a pathway to Canada.


Are international students eligible for the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)?

Due to the overwhelming demand for qualified Health Care Assistants in Canada our students are able to obtain an equality successful pathway to Canada through employer sponsorship. This allows our students to achieve the same results PGWP.

Why should I attend your programs over the other programs that are offered?

Our school focuses exclusively on Health Care Programs which means we are experts at teaching these programs. Our school exceeds the regulatory requirements for instructors by using Registered Nurses instead of Licences Practical Nurses. Our instructors all have more that 10 years of clinical experience where the minimum standard is 2 years of clinical experience.

Are the co-op hours paid?

In the Acute Care Aide Diploma Program all 600 co-op hours are paid work.

What if my English level is below the requirement of the program?

We can arrange for you to study English in order for you to reach the requirement. If you an international student then your study permit will cover both the English program and our program.

I am a visitor in Canada can I take your course?

Yes. Many students were visitors to Canada before applying to our program and it is a simple process to apply for a study permit.


I am international student currently studying elsewhere in Canada can I transfer to your program?

Yes. We are a Designated Learning Institution so it is a simple process to transfer your study permit to us. We have had many students transfer to this profession and program because of the ample employment opportunities with pathways to Canada.

Acute Care Skills (Domestic Students)

I am working full-time in a facility as an HCA. Do I have to complete the co-op to get into the Acute Care Skills program and clinical?

If you have worked a minimum of 600 hours at a recognized facility and you are a registered BC Health Care Worker then you can go directly into the Acute Care Skills module, No co-op required.


I am not from Canada but have nursing experience and certification in my home country; do I have to complete the co-op?

Yes, you would need to do the ACA program if you are not registered as a BC Health Care Worker with 600 hours of local experience as that is the minimum prerequisite for the Acute Care Skills Program.


Does an ACS certificate guarantee me work in a public hospital as an Acute Care assistant?

No. There is no way to guarantee this. We can guarantee that with the ACS certification you will improve your chances of being hired.

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