Krissel B.

“My name is Krissel Buen, I am from Manila, Philippines. I began my enrolment application in mid 2017. I started thinking about my future while working in Dubai. I returned home to organize my documents and applied directly to Pacific Coast Community (PCC) College. The process was fast. The school have amazing teachers and they are all supportive and helpful to me. After 6 months of studies, I am able to find a pathway to stay in Canada longer. While working during my Coop period, I was able to meet an employer who's willing to sponsor my work permit. The job opportunities are plentiful for the students of our school. PCC College is outstanding and has a high standard in teaching the program. You also have an opportunity to work while doing the coop which is a great thing cause I earned back the tuition fees that I paid for. You have to work hard though and do your part in able to make this happen, you need to accept challenges as working as an HCA is definitely not for everyone. But making it is possible with taking the ACA program in PCC College, specially now that there's a pathway for permanent residency for caregivers.”

Krissel B, Private Employer

Jesusa P.

“As soon as I received my Acute Care diploma, I was able to work in a hospital. Having the clinical practicum work experience was so helpful and the instructors and co-ordinators gave me so many good opportunities to learn. Thank you!”

Jesusa P, Royal Columbian Hospital

Mariano R.

“I did a lot of online research and finally found Pacific Coast Community College. When I met with the college I really liked the way that they treated me during information session, there seemed to be real respect and I was treated like a person and not a number. The program is very good, and the instructors are really supportive. I already had a job offer before I even finished the program! I am looking forward to working in the industry as a care giver and am excited about the work.”

Mariano R, VCH Blenheim Lodge

Eman Al J.

“I would thank Pacific Coast community college for offering this program to me. It gave me a future to look forward to after I came to Canada. I was lost when I arrived, and I didn’t know what to do to support my family. Now everything is different this program has not only given me confidence but also a job. I would thank the admissions team and my amazing instructors for all they have done for me and given me.”

Eman Al J, St Vincents Hospital Langara

Angela C.

“I wanted to continue studying in Canada so I looked for a school that would be a good fit. When I found Pacific Coast Community College and heard about their program it seemed like it would be perfect as I have always liked working with and helping seniors. The school is very supportive and will assist me in pursuing my career as a Health Care Aide. The admission team were great to work with and it was very easy for me to get my student visa. I love my teachers and fellow students at Pacific Coast Community College.”

Angela C, Current HCA Student