Pacific Coast Community College Experiences

Learn how our students kickstarted their careers in health care by studying at Pacific Coast Community College. They share their experiences during their studies at our college and the amazing job opportunities they had as they graduate from Pacific Coast Community College.


Learn how Armay had difficulty getting interviews for hospital positions. Then after graduating from Pacific Coast Community college she was able to get a position at Fraser Health. She now works with RNs, LPNs and physiotherapists.


Watch Lilia speak of how she currently works on the Medical, Surgical, Neurosciences and Palliative Care Wards at Burnaby Hospital. And how as part of her program from Pacific Coast Community College she trained on the Neurosciences Ward of Vancouver Hospital.


Watch Carlo explain how even with his five years of experience as a nurse in the Philippines, the training from Pacific Coast Community college was significantly different. His back issue, from when he worked in the Philippines, is mending because of the body mechanics training he learned for properly moving patients.