Mariano R, VCH Blenheim Lodge

I did a lot of online research and finally found Pacific Coast Community College. When I met with the college I really liked the way that they treated me during information session, there seemed to be real respect and I was treated like a person and not a number. The program is very good, and the instructors are really supportive. I already had a job offer before I even finished the program! I am looking forward to working in the industry as a care giver and am excited about the work. 

- Mariano R, VCH Blenheim Lodge

Eman Al J, St Vincents Hospital Langara

I would thank Pacific Coast community college for offering this program to me. It gave me a future to look forward to after I came to Canada. I was lost when I arrived, and I didn’t know what to do to support my family. Now everything is different this program has not only given me confidence but also a job. I would thank the admissions team and my amazing instructors for all they have done for me and given me. 

- Eman Al J, St Vincents Hospital Langara

Angela C, Current HCA Student

I wanted to continue studying in Canada so I looked for a school that would be a good fit. When I found Pacific Coast Community College and heard about their program it seemed like it would be perfect as I have always liked working with and helping seniors. The school is very supportive and will assist me in pursuing my career as a Health Care Aide. The admission team were great to work with and it was very easy for me to get my student visa. I love my teachers and fellow students at Pacific Coast Community College.

- Angela C, Current HCA Student